Welcome to the future of radio in Winchester!

Newsflash – Ofcom has awarded Winchester Radio a licence!

More details in our press release

Winchester Guildhall

Winchester High Street Photos by Dale McEntee (top) and Kevin Oliver (bottom), used under a Creative Commons licence.

Winchester Radio has been awarded an FM community radio licence to serve the city of Winchester by Ofcom. We hope to start broadcasting in 2018.

Unlike those that have gone before us, we will always deliver local radio for Winchester, from Winchester, by Winchester – there are no shareholders or other commercial interests to accommodate, and no profit targets to hit.

Radio for Winchester, from Winchester, by Winchester.

Winchester Radio is a newly-registered charity, but one with a long heritage providing voluntary service to the city. We have a vision for the future, and would like you to join in supporting us.

If you like what we’re proposing, please let us know – and tell your friends! On social media, please use #WinchRadio.

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