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We are looking to recruit volunteers into a number of roles. If you are a caring individual with a passion for helping the older generation here in Winchester then read on…

Please note that the volunteer recruitment process involves interviews for all shortlisted applicants, and that all roles offered are conditional on receipt of satisfactory references. Additionally, some roles will require a criminal record disclosure (“DBS check”). The minimum age for volunteers is 18. As Winchester Radio is an entirely volunteer-run charity focused on serving the needs of our audience, we are regrettably unable to offer work experience placements.

  • fundraisers

We’re looking for volunteers to take on a variety of fundraising roles: organising fundraising events, coordinating community fundraisers, writing funding applications to grant-making organisations, encouraging one-off donations and regular giving, …

  • advertising/sponsorship sales

Within the funding rules that apply to charities and community radio stations, we intend that sponsorship and advertising is a significant, sustainable income stream for Winchester Radio, so we’re looking for people to sell advertising and sponsorship opportunities to those wishing to get their message on the radio across Winchester.

  • marketing/communications

We need experienced communicators who possess excellent writing and interpersonal skills to engage with all aspects of the local community, both online and in person, and tell them about Winchester Radio – the general public, local clubs, charities and groups, the councils and other public bodies, …

  • researchers/copywriters

We need volunteers, with a keen eye for detail and a flair for words, to research organisations and topics and write features for broadcast. This could be anything from “what’s on” listings to in-depth multi-part series on particular topics. Don’t worry if you don’t have a voice for radio – you don’t need to appear on air. We’re looking for both generalists and those with a specific interest. We’re also looking for volunteers to set questions and compile quizzes for on-air competitions.

  • audio production

Our audio production volunteers create and edit audio to produce trailers/imaging, interviews, features and whole programmes. The role also includes operating the studio equipment during recordings and live broadcasts of discussions and panel shows, and during outside broadcasts and events. At this time, we’re especially looking for those with existing experience.

  • music library

We have an extensive collection of music, with over 3,000 tracks on our computer playout system, and over 25,000 tracks in our music library. New tracks need to be added all the time, and the existing tracks managed through their lifetime to ensure that Winchester Radio is always playing an appropriate selection of music for the older audience we serve.

  • radio presenters

Every radio station needs presenters! The majority of our programming will not be live, but we are on the look-out for people who are totally immersed in the community, with good local knowledge, a passion for helping others, a natural warmth, and an ability to connect with our older audience across Winchester and the surrounding villages. We’re not looking for DJs who want to do no more than play music!

  • correspondents/reporters

We need to know what’s going on at a grass-roots level across Winchester. Whether its participative sport, a local charity, the local arts/cultural scene, or local politics (even down to parish council level), we are looking for people to keep their ear to the ground and tell us what’s going on. Our reporters will research and produce reports on their area of interest ready for broadcast. Our correspondents might be members of local clubs or societies and produce short reports for us (audio, ready for broadcast, or in written form to be voiced by someone else) with the latest news – e.g. a report of the latest club event, or a sports match report. Please note: ward visiting roles are subject to criminal record disclosures (“DBS checks”).

  • audience engagement

We want to engage directly with our audience, so that we understand them and their needs, and they know what Winchester Radio is about. Our audience engagement volunteers will be the public face of Winchester Radio, without the need to learn how to be a radio presenter. As both a hospital and community radio station, we’re looking for volunteers to go out and meet our audience wherever they are – in town, or in hospital. They will be able to convey their enthusiasm for Winchester Radio, be able to engage with our older audience and, most importantly, listen!

  • technical/engineering roles

Our team of dedicated engineers keep Winchester Radio on the air, looking after the technical equipment in the studio, the transmitter, and our network of computers and the range of software that enables us to broadcast our programmes. They also plan and set-up outside broadcasts, recordings of live events, etc. Those with knowledge of Windows server and desktop operating systems, computer networking, analogue audio electronics or broadcast engineering are especially welcome!

  • Trustee or management/team leader roles

As a charity, Winchester Radio is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are ultimately responsible for everything that Winchester Radio does, and for ensuring that we comply with charity law, the broadcasting code, and all other regulations. As a small charity, we expect most of our Trustees to also have another role within Winchester Radio. To run the day-to-day operations we also need a group of managers/team leaders to coordinate the activities of all our volunteers, ensuring that we’re always broadcasting the right mix of programming to meet both audience needs and our commitments, with enough funding coming in to keep us solvent, and enough volunteers to deliver our service.

  • other behind-the-scenes roles

Within a small charity, there are always endless other jobs that need to be done, from day-to-day admin to organising guests, from making drinks to liaising with local groups for coverage of their event, from cleaning the studios to dealing with enquiries from potential volunteers. If you want to get immersed in community life in Winchester, we can find a role for you!

If any of these roles interest you, please complete the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page.

Charity Membership

As an association-style charity, Winchester Radio has a membership of those individuals and organisations which support its aims and objectives. Membership allows you to stand for election as a Trustee, and to participate in our General Meetings. It also comes with responsibility – members of Winchester Radio must always act in the best interests of the charity.

Anyone actively volunteering with Winchester Radio is eligible for charity membership. Financial support is just as valuable to Winchester Radio as practical support and, in recognition of this, anyone donating £10 or more per month, or giving a single donation of £100 or more per year, is also eligible for charity membership, so that all those actively supporting Winchester Radio are able to have a say in its future.

If you’re committed to always acting in the best interests of Winchester Radio, you can become a member of the charity by signing-up below. If you’d like further information, or to sign-up offline, or pay by cheque /bank transfer, please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

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We promise we won’t pass your details on to anyone, and will not use them for any purpose other than dealing with your expression of interest to join Winchester Radio. If you sign-up to our newsletter, we’ll also keep you updated with progress.

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