Media Coverage

Media coverage about our bid for a community radio licence appears below.

Community First – 31st July 2015

Community First: Winchester have today announced the winners of the 2015 Winchester “Have Your Say” grants public vote. We’re happy to say that Winchester Radio was in the top 10 most-popular projects, and we will be receiving the full £1000 that we asked for to fund our campaign for a community radio station for the city of Winchester. Thanks to all who voted for us. Our Chairman, Anna O’Brien is quoted in the press release saying: “FANTASTIC NEWS! Thank you so so much! This money is a huge thing to a small charity such as ours, and will enable us…

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Hampshire Chronicle – 4th June 2015

The Hampshire Chronicle are carrying the story about the launch of our bid for a community radio licence from Ofcom, and the editor also wishes us well in his Editorial Comment: “[comments about social cohesion being threatened and the East Winchster Social Club closing] But there is good news. Along comes Winchester Hospital Radio with a scheme to launch a new station that will help bind the community together. We wish it well.” Entitled “Winchester Radio plan as hospital broadcasters bid for airwaves” online, but “Hope for radio to assist OAPs” in the newspaper, the article starts: “A NEW Winchester…

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